WhatsApp Share Your Phone Number With Facebook

 Facebook allowed a new term and conditions that it will start sharing the whatsApp phone numbers of its users with Facebook. So the main target of WhatsApp users could soon start seeing more targeted ads on Facebook – although not on the messaging service itself.
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WhatsApp says that the change has been made to help make the better experience for its users. But it might be a sign that it will be difficult for people to adopt the changes and they panic  when Facebook bought WhatsApp – that private information and messages are going to be used for ads, which is Facebook’s primary business.
which has long promised to safeguard the privacy of more than 1 billion users around the world. WhatsApp is giving users a limited time to opt out of sharing their information with Facebook, although they must take the extra step of unchecking a box to do so. But It also says Facebook won’t post any numbers online or give them out to anyone for advertising purpose.
Now social network has looking for making more maney through whatsapp also.


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Whatsapp could also include using WhatsApp to provide receipts, confirm a reservation or update the status of a delivery.Companies could also send marketing offers or messages about sales to individual customers, according to the new documents, which note that users will be able to control or block useless messages.
The ads would come through a Facebook program called “Custom Audiences,” which lets a business upload lists of customers and phone numbers or other contact information the business has collected from warranty cards or other sources. Facebook matches the list to users with the same information and shows them for advertising . But Facebook promise it doesn’t give out users’ information to advertisers.

WhatsApp says users have up to 30 days to accept the new policy terms and conditions  or stop using the service. Once they accept, they have 30 more days to opt out of sharing with the Facebook.
Whatsapp Privacy groups have praised and focus  for building powerfulencryption into its services, so it is impossible for the company or anyone else to read users’ messages. WhatsApp promises that encryption will remain, so neither WhatsApp nor Facebook would be able to use message content for advertising purposes.

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