Sonakshi sinha film ‘Akira’ 1st day collection and review

Looking at the trailer Sonakshi Sinha is promoting her film ‘Akira’, it wasn’t wrong to predict that this action thriller was likely to witness a good opening at the box office on , September 2

The fikm is Directed by A R Murugadoss, The actioner has Sonakshi Sinha as the protagonist but the film failed to get the expected result at the box office on day 1st, Friday. Akira is expected to earn between Rs 2-3 crore in terms of box office collection.

Morning shows saw 15-20 % occupancy, which was similar to what Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Sarbjit also saw on its opening day. Despite the stellar cast of Sonakshi, Anurag Kashyap and Konkona Sensharma, the audience stayed away from theatres.However, with mostly good reviews coming in for Sonakshi and Anurag, Akira may well pick up in the coming days. The fact that Friday was Bharat bandh may also have affected the viewership.

Akira is an interesting story about a young, feisty woman who lands in a sticky situation. The first half shows slight potential and we hope it to lead to a spectacular second half where the bone crushing Akira would come face to face with the badass ACP Rana (Anurag Kashyap) and the popcorn in my bucket will become crunchier and crispier.
Anurag Kashyap as the mean cop looks menacing and evokes disgust. His introductory scene of him rolling a joint looks like an ode to his own film Dev D.
The best thing about Akiraa is that she can fight. She could be sedated, bleeding, sleeping, dying, but she singlehandedly beats everyone to a pulp because, hey, she is shown learning karate in school for two days. Well, when bhai can train for 2 hours and win an Olympic gold in Sultan, why can’t our women achieve the impossible. I am just happy. The film ended.

But the reviews of the audience have not been too kind for the film. We told you what the issue with the film in our review . Akira strives too hard to become an action entertainer. There is that novelty factor of having an actress as the action lead, but somehow Sonakshi Sinha’s punches and kicks feel too rehearsed.
Hope in the coming days the film gets more love and collection and set a trend of action entertainers with a female lead in it.

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