How to Concentrate / focus on studies ?

In today’s environment, it is very easy to get distracted by various threats like  smart phones, tablets and computers, an individual can get pulled in multiple directions. We are wasting or spending so many hour on social media which are not essential to our studies. We are not focus on study and at the end the marks or learning skills are not developed. Most of the time we plan to study and planned a time table for a day but some distraction fail over plan. Moments stolen by other tasks like answering emails or texting dinner plans add up quickly to large amounts of lost time. It is important to master how to concentrate on studies for long hours.

So, Here are the some tips on how to focus on studies :

1. Do creative work first

Typically, we do mindless work first which has no sense or knowledge. That drains your energy and lowers your focus on study. “An hour into doing your work, you’ve got a lot less capacity than (at the beginning),”. According to me do that work which give you more knowledge and keep focus on it.

2.  learn to say ‘ NO’

I am not saying to give up your all the social media but say no when you study. When you study or your study schedule time plz cancel your hangout plans say no it. Start saying NO to activities that complicate your schedule, suck up your time, and create stress. On the other hand say YES to activities that simplify your life, reduce stress, and create more time.

3. Set your study goal

First thing is to set your goal , ask yourself why you are studying in a college / school just for fun or what. The main thing is that set your goal half of your job is done. It should help you to focus on your study when you have a reason for study.Having fun is certainly one answer, but not the primary one. Knowing your objectives completes half the job.

4.  Find the right place to study or work

Picking the right place to study is crucial because There are various things which  you’ll easily be distracted by TV, video games, or fashion magazines lying next to your bed, computer and Mobile phone.  If you are planning on spending long hours working or studying, it’s a good idea to make sure that your chair and desk are ergonomically designed for greater productivity. So find the right place for study so that your concentration will not disturb and you study for or goal. A bad physical setup can mess up both your posture and your work efficiency.

5. Turn off all electronic devices

While we all love our smart phones, these gadgets expose us to a world of distractions. Ironically, many of these devices and electronic help us to save time but end up wasting valuable time instead. Now a day,  cell phones have become a “new best friend” that enables them to see what everyone is up to, a highly appealing feature especially for people who lack real human connections. Even if you aren’t using smart phone, but you’ll be distracted by notifications, texts, and incoming calls. Which highly distract to from your study and  concentration . The bottom line is that your mobile device is the enemy of productivity and you should declare your study space and time a gadget-free zone.

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6.  Set reminders

In any endeavor, it becomes very easy to forget stuff as you get busier and busier. If you are intensely involved in a project, then you have to set reminder for example, it often happens that you become so engrossed on what you are doing that you lose track of time and miss an appointment or an important phone call. There are various app for reminder so the best app you download and set alerm for study schedule. So that you have a reminder for study and never distract or too busy with the another work.  Fortunately, Post-it and reminder apps exists. I am a big fan of physical Post-it’s but sometimes, even those fail to get the job done.  Remember the Milk is a great reminder app that works on any device.

7. Create a Study Plan

Create h stdy plan or time table for whole day so that you have schedule to study. Develop a study timetable with dedicated time allotted for studying and incorporate it into your daily routine. Study according to the time table and create a logical study sections until you reach the end. It is easier for your brain to absorb the material if you study in a logical sequence that includes a start and an end. Motivate yourself by setting a goal to achieve your objective with a specific time limit. Limit your study time to 1 hour  at a time. When your time is up, go over what you have learned thus far. Breaking up your long study periods into manageable parts enables your mind to take a break and recharge. Keep a breaks for  5 – 10 minutes so you take a rest .

8.  Teach Yourself Discipline

There are various devices which disctract over concentration so  Learning how to concentrate on studies for long hours wothout distraction means learning how to discipline yourself. Your mind will wander but don’t let it. Learn to tell yourself to “stop” doing another work  and move back to your studies. Disciplining your mind will take a lot of practice but soon you will be able to concentrate on your studies for a long time. If a thought keeps creeping into your mind, don’t keep fighting it. Write it down on a piece of paper and deal with it later. If you continue to have difficulties and breaks don’t help, reevaluate your study plan and revise where needed.

9. Make Studying Fun

Study like a boss Mix up your studying techniques to keep things from getting boring. Quiz yourself to see test how much you have learned. Study out loud, reasoning with yourself about facts and information. Create visual study aides, such as diagrams, written notes and outlines, and flowcharts. Enjoy your study so that you never get bored. Snack on fun food that you keep in your study space.

10. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

It is very important to sleep 7 to 8 hour in a day. Your body need a relax non stop  working is very harmfull for you mind as well your body. It is okay to pull long hours when needed, but it is also important to get the sleep your body needs or all your efforts will be in vain. Studying when you are overly tired amounts to wasted time. Getting a good night’s sleep will empower you with better concentration and retention skills.

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