Hell In A Cell 2016 : Match cards and Predictions

WWE Network will bring another Event for its fans Now , The next big event of pay- per view are going to take place at WWE Hell in a Cell 2016. When we say hell in the cell 2016 then you will remind the giant big steel cage and bloody wrestlers.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Live Stream USA

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016  Live Telecast is on TEN (SPORTS) / TEN 1 / TEN 2 channel and  on network.wwe.com.

USA Date : 30,October , 2016

USA Time : 11:15 AMET/8:15 AMPT

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Live Stream INDIA

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016  Live Telecast is on TEN (SPORTS) / TEN 1 / TEN 2 channel and on network.wwe.com.

India Date : 31 October 2016

India Time : 05:30 AM IST

Here are some Hell In A Cell 2016 match cards and predictions :

1. Roman Reign(c)  vs Rusev

(WWE United State Championship)

Imagesource :Smackoutmovment.com
Imagesource :Smackoutmovment.com

Roman play a well match in the clash of the champion and he became the WWE united state championship. Now the rusev are in the bad mood, they want his wwe united state belt back by win in HIAC 2016 both of them are good player. But according to me in the past few days roman was playing well and not want to lose the match so roman will win the match.

PREDICTION – Roman Reigns

2. Kevin Owens (c) vs Seth Rollins

(WWE Universal Championship Title)

Image source: youtube.com
Image source: youtube.com

Both of them are good wrestler in the wwe both of them have craze to won the match. But unfortunately winner will be the one. So the Rollin want his belt back which was unfortunately he lose the match because of interference of  triple H. Now rollin proof himself in HIAC 2016 by win the match and according to me rollin win the match.
PREDICTION – seth Rollins

3. Charlotte (c) vs Sasha Banks

(WWE Women’s Championship Title)

Image source:heavy.com
Image source:heavy.com

In clash of champion the Triple threat match happened between Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Charlott. But Charlotte defended her title and win the match successfully . But however, Sasha Banks had unfinished business against Charlotte so she might be taking on her at Hell In a Cell 2016.

PREDICTION – Sasha Banks


4. New Day (c) vs The Club or Cesaro & Sheamus

(WWE Tag Team Championship Title)

Image source:heavy.com
Image source:heavy.com

In the WWE the best Tag team champion are the New day and they proof it so many time . They are the tag team champions for the last year ( 400 days approx.) Because of there fans loves and by hard word. Now there new competitors are the shamus and Cesaro which was made by Mick foley. Now lets see what happened in the HIAC 2016.



5.  T.J. Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Image source:heavy.com
Image source:heavy.com

Both the guys are equally talented and best movies , so I’m totally on board with seeing another match between the two. It’s still way too early to take the title away from Perkins, no matter how good Kendrick is. This should be one of the most fundamentally entertaining matches of the night. So the match will decide who is the best for the cruiserweight title.


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