Few Tips on how to Impress Girl ?

Here are 10 Tips on how to  Impress girl:

1. Dress to Impress

Every girl want good and smart looking guy. Not only will you look and smell more attractive, taking care of your grooming shows her that you’re mature and capable of important daily tasks. Also pay attention to the style of clothes that she wears, and wear the same style of clothing, this will help her to relate with you and find you overall more attractive.

2. Make a new first impression

After you’ve been away for awhile, you’ll have the chance to make another “first” impression when you’re ready to interact with her again. If you can play it the right way then your first impression always attract them whenever you meet him and first impression is the last impression, she’ll start to see you in a whole new light.

3. Be yourself

Most importantly just be who you are! You don’t have to change youself for anyone. Girls do love simplicity and great guys in nature. So don’t overreact or try to show off too much. Be open to say things which you don’t like as its nothing wrong to be true to the girl you like. Be open to compliments and compliment the girl back. She will love it!
Keep calm and be yourself!

4. Confidence, attitude & personality

Girls generally judge guys in their first appearance or impression , their overall confidence level and personality. Thus it’s very important to just be frank and confident as girls like to see the confident side of a man, not the scary or devil  side! Personality matters so make sure your dressed well and well groomed. Don’t have too much of attitude because girls have more then you. So be frank with him.

5. Make an Impression on Her Family

This tip is very usefull in india. Impressing the family of a girl will automatically make way for impressing the girl. You can show off your good values and abilities to impress the family of the girl. In India marriage/relation happened between two families unlike two souls in western countries. So before you impress your crush or girl, try to impress her parents and realtives. Undesrtand about her family.

6 . Be friend with her best friend

Girls are not that brave to take a stern decision straight. They always consult decision to thier best friend. They need a back up and proper fueling . If they get a support from their best friend. Then its good.  If you be friend with her best friend then half of your problem so impressed her. And advice her best friend to bring out your name most often in their private conversations so that your name blink into her mind . A mediator can never create a love ,but she can definitely spark and give a driving force.

 7. play Game with Eyes

Eyes are the most attractive part of body. Try to bring brightness or interest through your eyes when ever you speak to her.  Smile through your eyes.  Let she feel that beauty. And its a conveying medium too. So practice with your eyes. mould in way to effectively keep eye contact when ever you speak. Sure it would disturb her in dreams if you use it strategically . For Indian specifically bring shyness and naughtiness in eyes. they love it most.

8. Accept her decision

If you’ve tried everything to impress her and she’s still not interested in dating, then accept her decision for attractive and impression . You tried your best, and there are other girls out there who will appreciate the person you are. Move on with confidence!

9. Think before you speak

Everyone lips up and says stupid things which sometimes hurt, but try your best to limit it when you’re around this girl. Take a few seconds to evaluate what you’re going to say before you spit it out in front on the girls.

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10. Compliment Her

A girl will always appreciate some genuine compliments towards her. But you need to do a extra ordinary compilement so that she notice you because she probably gets compliment from everybody. Notice the little qualities she has and appreciate them so that she knows that she is in your radar. However, the age old compliments about beauty and looks also work on most girls if you make sure they are genuine.

2 thoughts on “Few Tips on how to Impress Girl ?

  • October 14, 2016 at 8:56 am

    hey thanku brother for giving some amazing tips i will definitely try them.Thanks again

  • December 26, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Confidence is a big part of attraction and if a man is truly confident he does not need to impress much.


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