Apple latest News :iOS 10 Release Date, Features and Rumours

Apple has launched iOS 10 beta 8 version to test it on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.  Apple News and Music are set to get a revamped look along with numerous other features added to the platform.The software update will be ready for everyone likely sometime next month, and we’ll dig through the 8 developer version of the iOS 10 beta below. The 7  beta version of iOS 10 is also available.

iOS 10 includes lots of new features and changes including redesigned Music and News apps, the first Home app for HomeKit,  redesigned Lock screen and Home screen experience for widgets, tons of iMessage features in Messages, and much more.iOS 10 is also expected to have a 3D touch. Users will have the option to clear all notification at the click of this new button. Rich lockscreen notifications will enable users to use the 3D touch to reveal hidden menu actions.

iOS 10 release date


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Apple is once again staggered the iOS 10 release date among app developers, public beta testers and then everyone else who wants to wait for the final version.We didn’t have to wait long to test out iOS 10 on our own. Apple launched the iOS 10 public beta just 23 days after the developer beta, and it’ll help squash bugs two months before the official release date.That’s good news. Last year’s public beta was a success for Apple judging from the smoother sailing of iOS 9, and it continued that streak with new iOS 9.3 features that also went through a three-month beta.

Apple is rumored to be planning a September 7 event to debut the iPhone 7 ahead of pre-orders on September 9 and launch on September 16. New versions of iOS typically roll out a couple of days before new iPhones so we could see iOS 10 publicly launch as soon as September 14.

Water detection

Water detection


Your iPhone isn’t waterproof, but Apple is allegedly making it easier to avoid potential water damage with the iOS 10 update.As of iOS beta 2, the software reportedly includes a warning message to unplug the lighting cable at the bottom of a device if the phone and new software detect water.Whether or not the iPhone 7 is waterproof, as some have speculated, this iOS 10 message is a handy tool because water and a turned-on iPhone don’t mix very well.

Lockscreen camera and ‘widgets’



It’s easier than ever to flip on the camera with iOS 10 because sliding the lockscreen right (when phone lock isn’t open) automatically transitions to the camera app. This is a camera app shortcut we’ve seen on several Android phones and it beats reaching for the bottom right corner, where the camera shortcut remains in iOS 9.
Now, lets see what will be the reaction of i phone users when they use iOS 10  must comment

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